Meet our Intuitive Readers

Tarot with Sage WynterFox

I have been reading Tarot for thirty years. The cards are not magic in themselves, although through hundreds of years the symbols and metaphors have become part of the collective unconscious. Tarot works through visual symbolism, which allows me to better access my own intuition and tune into what is happening with you and around you. 

In reading the cards, I shine a light upon your inner self, and I illuminate influences and options you may not have considered before. I don't ask that you accept everything I see. What I tell you from the cards should always be evaluated through your own knowledge and experience, and you will decide what wisdom to take with you from the cards.

Aura Readings with Ingrid


In all Creation, auras show who we are, what we are, what are the goals we want to achieve.  The aura also reflects your physical body and tells of its strength, weakness, and good as well as ill health.  Your mental body shows how you process the surroundings of your existence.  Your spiritual body shows in the aura as to how far you understand yourself and all of Creation.  I've been gifted with seeing the auras of all there is for 50 years.  This gift was given to me after a near-death experience. 

Readings can be 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or an hour.  We will sit in a quiet room together. You do not need to wear any special clothing.  The aura is there, and I can see it no matter what.

Shaman Patrick Corrigan

Every animal carries a unique power, or "medicine," depending on its individual position in the web of life.  The medicine cards deck is a divination tool that utilizes that power and deciphers what is going on in one's life by which and where specific animals appear in a spread.  

Patrick is a Shamanic Practitioner/teacher with a deep connection to the animal kingdom.  His joy, through use of his shamanic and intuitive skills, is to empower others.

Wicca with Tom Parker

My name is Tom Parker and I have followed the Craft as a Witch/Wiccan since 1965, primarily as a solitary but also as a member of Covenant of Goddess. I did about 7 years as Wiccan chaplain at various Western Washington prisons in a program taken over from Pete Pathfinder. I have had opportunities to speak with and/or work with Scott Cunningham, Ray Buckland, Ellen Cannon Reed and Z. Budapest among others. I am a Celtic/Eclectic who likes sharing what I have learned and learning from others.

Medical Intuitive Jennifer Owen

Jennifer has the ability to bady scan, which enables her to see, feel and smell ailments within the physical and emotional body.  
As an intuitive with all her senses keenly in tune, Jennifer can communicate with higher beings, and your loved ones to help you on your path to enriched wellness and recovery.

Mystical Party & Group Readings